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Assumed Name/DBA

The following Assumed Name/DBA forms are available in PDF:



  • Any person conducting business under a name that is not their true full name (first and last name) must file. (Example: “John Smith Painting” need not file, however, “Smith Painting” would be required to file.)
  • A corporation, limited partnership, or limited liability company conducting business under a name other than the legal name, must file (Example: Legal name; “St. Paul Painting Contractors, Inc.”, Assumed Name; “St. Paul Painting”.)
  • A partnership must be filed if the name of the partnership does not include the true full name of each partner.
  • Please note: The Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State is replacing the term "nameholder" with the more commonly used term "applicant" in assumed name filings. Previously, Minnesota was the only U.S. state using the term "nameholder" for these filings. This change is intended to align with the terminology used nationwide to make the filing process clearer and more consistent across different states.

Upon the filing of a "Certificate of Assumed Name", there is no certificate issued. The approved form that you will receive back is proof that your certificate of Assumed Name has been filed with our office.

Certificate of Assumed Name Registration.pdf


If any of the information on the most recently filed Certificate of Assumed Name has changed or is incorrect, use the following form to change the filing. 

Amendment to Assumed Name.pdf


Use this form to cancel a certificate of Assumed Name that’s currently on record. Signatures of all current applicants or an Authorized Agent are required for submission.

Cancellation of Assumed Name.pdf


An annual renewal is required to maintain good standing. Any Assumed Name certificate that expires as a result of failing to file the annual renewal, may be reinstated by filing the annual renewal and paying the applicable fee.

Assumed Name Annual Renewal.pdf


A consent form is required if there is a conflict between the business name you are filing and an existing business name. The existing business needs to consent to your use of the name. A consent form needs to be submitted along with the original filing or amendment you wish to record.

Consent to Use of Name.pdf


Use this form to change the official email address that was provided in your filing. This email address may be used to send annual renewal reminders and other important notices that may require action or responses.

Change of Official Email Address.pdf


After filing with this office, you must publish Certificate of Assumed Name or Amendment to Certificate of Assumed Name with a qualified Legal Newspaper for two consecutive issues in the county where the principal place of business is located. After publication, the newspaper will return an affidavit of publication which should be retained by the business.

See Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 333 for Assumed Name filing information

*Newspapers must satisfy several requirements to be a legal newspaper, including that they register with the Minnesota Secretary of State and pay a $25 application fee. The fact that a newspaper is included on the Minnesota Secretary of State’s legal newspaper list does not prove the newspaper has satisfied all criteria necessary to be a legal newspaper. You are responsible for ensuring any newspaper that you use is qualified to be a legal newspaper under Minnesota law.

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