Minnesota Secretary Of State - I have a criminal record
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I have a criminal record

Your criminal record does not affect your right to vote in Minnesota unless you are currently incarcerated for a felony conviction .

Voting after a felony conviction

You can vote if you are not incarcerated, including if you are on parole. You will need to register to vote. It is best to register before Election Day, but it is not required. 

Print a factsheet on this topic

Download Voting with a Criminal Record factsheet.

You can vote if...

  • you were charged with or convicted of a misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor.
  • you are in jail, but are not currently serving a felony sentence.
  • you have been charged with a felony, but you haven’t been convicted.
  • you have been given a stay of adjudication.
  • you have been convicted of a felony, but are not incarcerated.

You cannot vote if...

  • you are currently incarcerated serving a felony sentence.

Not sure about your legal status?

Sometimes it is not clear whether a felony charge results in a felony conviction. If you are unsure, you may want to seek legal advice from an attorney.