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Get Involved!

Help your community get ready to vote through one of our nonpartisan voter education programs or by signing up to be an election judge.


Citizen opportunities

There are many ways you can participate in democracy besides voting.

Become an election judge

Run for office

Contact your elected representatives


High school programs

STUDENTS VOTE 2016 students vote 2016 logo
Minnesota's first ever statewide mock election for high school students held this Fall.

Your Vote Matters
A high school voter education program to support Minnesota civics and government teachers.


Nonprofit and business programs

vote 2016 logoRecruit election judges
Customize our template toolkit materials to encourage those in your networks to become election judges or student election judge trainees.


Voter registration drives
Learn everything you need to know to hold a successful voter registration drive.


College and university programs

MINNESOTA COLLEGE BALLOT BOWL 2016 college ballot bowl logo
A new voter registration competition sponsored by the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State.

Student Study Abroad Toolkit
Download voting information to share with students abroad.